Bathrooms And Water Damage Issues

One room in the house where you expect to see water is the bathroom. Between the sink, toilet, and bath/shower, water damage is probably most prevalent here. Water damage presents itself in the bathroom in many ways. A rusted faucet, water around the toilet, and mold between bathroom tiles are all signs of water damage in the bathroom. It’s important to have these issues taken care of quickly. Left alone, these problems can become much bigger and much more costly to fix.

Recognizing the signs of water damage in the bathroom is the first step. As stated above, a rusted faucet means water is probably escaping somewhere around the tap. Water around the toilet might mean the toilet is loose. Mold around bathroom tiles is common, but what about behind those tiles? Mold can cause major structural damage to walls. What are some other signs?

  • Warped wood around windows could mean poor ventilation in the bathroom or a problem with the window’s seal.
  • Cracked walls or tiles may indicate a leak behind the walls or, again, poor ventilation. If the humidity of a shower isn’t properly ventilated, it can cause structural damage to the bathroom walls or tiles.
  • Rusty pipes under the sink or vanity – or visibly leaky pipes are a red, blinking light for water damage – and not only to the pipes themselves but also anything around it where water may have been or currently be dripping.

Once you have recognized a problem, contact a water restoration specialist to help you fix the problem and any damage it as caused. Allowing the problem to continue will only create a bigger and more costly issue.

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The team that was sent to our house was wonderful. Their experience and professionalism in our situation was outstanding. I was concerned about our children and they took every precaution (air purifier, microbial spray) to keep them safe. Not only did they have good work ethics, they were personable and caring as well.

Angela and Scott S.