Professional Water Extraction Cost Versus DIY

With the holidays just around the corner, cost has become an increasing factor in the decision to use a professional water extraction service. Choosing to take care of water damage restoration on your own, however, can often end up costing you more if not done properly. A water extraction team doesn’t cost as much as you may think, and most water restoration companies offer free estimates so you’ll have a good idea at what kind of costs you’re looking at. Whatever you decide, do not let the problem go unresolved. One thing is definite with water damage – the longer it goes unresolved, the more damage it will create.

One of the major issues with handling water extraction on your own is lack of equipment. Water extraction requires heavy duty pumps, vacuums, and drying equipment. Water restoration also requires good cleaning supplies. You’d be surprised to hear that a bucket of bleach and hot water aren’t always the best course of action in regard to water damage cleanup. Bleach actually contains mostly water - which can lead to mold in areas that are high in humidity. Special cleaners that discourage mold growth are needed in these areas and are not readily available to all consumers. Our water restoration teams have this equipment and cleaning supplies.

Time is also of the essence in regard to water damage. Your water damage cleanup project can turn into a mold damage cleanup project if not completed within a few days. Mold growth can cause health problems and structural problems to your home. So, unless you’re able to extract the water, clean, and dry the area within 48 hours, you run the risk of mold becoming an issue. Mold removal is often more costly than water damage restoration because mold is easily carried around the home through vents and air ducts. That doesn’t include the cost of repairing any structural damage.

Hiring a water damage company for your water retraction and restoration can save you time, money, and a lot of hassle if you think about it. Looking to the time and costs of extracting water yourself as well as the potential costly problems that can result from improper water damage cleanup, professional water extraction prices are very reasonable. Before putting yourself through an excessive amount of time and hard work, consider saving yourself time and money as well by calling a professional water restoration company.

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The team that was sent to our house was wonderful. Their experience and professionalism in our situation was outstanding. I was concerned about our children and they took every precaution (air purifier, microbial spray) to keep them safe. Not only did they have good work ethics, they were personable and caring as well.

Angela and Scott S.