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Sewage Cleanup


A sewage disaster is one of the most traumatic events a New Jersey or Pennsylvania home or business owner can ever encounter. Not only is the immediate presence of sewage in living or working areas extremely unsettling, the health risks are of great concern. Coming in contact with even trace amounts of sewage can be dangerous; so proper cleanup is essential.

Emergency Cleanup

Any water damage situation requires prompt attention, but sewage where it doesn’t belong is especially worrisome. Sewage contains harmful bacteria that can grow rapidly on many surfaces. Waiting to remove sewage compounds the health hazards exponentially. Don’t delay!

If you experience a sewage spill on your property, call RestorePro’s 24/7 emergency response team immediately for a fast assessment and thorough cleanup.

If sewage is not cleaned up properly, fungal, bacterial, viral, and algae problems can develop. Sewage can also carry disease-causing organisms such as Hepatitis A and Salmonella.

RestorePro’s sanitation experts will arrive on the scene of the sewage spill prepared to:

  • Determine/confirm the origination of the contamination
  • Treat with anti-microbials in order to minimize health risks
  • Document all personal items that may be damaged
  • Document and remove any structural components that have been impacted
  • Clean and rebox items that may be salvagable
  • Provide commercial air cleaners in order to trap airborne odors and infectants
  • Completely clean the affected area
  • Disinfect and sanitize the affected area
  • Dry the effected area to assure no microbial growth

“We had a sudden sewer emergency and sewage backed up on the floor of our finished basement just days before a planned family reunion. RestorePro came over within 45 minutes of my call, (on a Sunday) and cleaned up everything PERFECTLY. I can’t say enough good things about these guys.”

—–Steve D.

Certified Sewage Treatment Technicians

Sewage cleanup should only be handled by a professional. RestorePro’s team of certified sewage treatment technicians use state-of the art disinfectant techniques to completely eliminate contaminants from the premises and to prevent microbial growth from occurring. RestorePro also sanitizes all salvageable items within effected areas, including floorboards, carpets, walls and furniture to prevent the spread of bio-contaminants.

Insurance Coverage for Sewage Disasters

RestorePro efficiently handles your sewage spill claim by directly billing your insurance company. All work is done to the insurance industry standards known as IICRC S500 standards and billed through the insurance industry’s billing program know as Xactimate. This assures a thorough job at a fair price.RestorePro has built outstanding relationships with countless insurance carriers, which helps the policyholder by expediting payment for his or her claim.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed

RestorePro serves New Jersey and Pennsylvania with expert sewage damage and water damage cleanup services.

RestorePro’s clients rave about the quality of the work and the professional treatment. Ask for references!

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The team that was sent to our house was wonderful. Their experience and professionalism in our situation was outstanding. I was concerned about our children and they took every precaution (air purifier, microbial spray) to keep them safe. Not only did they have good work ethics, they were personable and caring as well.

Angela and Scott S.