Water and Fire Damage

Have you ever had the misfortune of experiencing a fire in your home? It’s intense, frightening, and has the potential to cause a ton of damage. The worst part is that fires can cause multiple types of damage. Not only are you looking at the oblivious smoke damage, but you might have to deal with water damage as well. Not to mention the health risks involved with smoke inhalation. Here are a few things to look out for, and why you should involve a restoration company.

Fire Damage.

Fires are intense. They are hot, smoky, and a very dangerous situation to be in. Even the smallest fire can transform into a monster that engulfs the entire home in flames. With all of that smoke in the home, your belongings are sure to be smoke damaged. This includes carpets, floors, furniture, clothing, everything really. To ensure a safe and speedy clean up, call a restoration company. They know what they’re doing and they will have all the right protective gear to deal with a situation as such.

Water Damage.

In a situation where the home is engulfed in flames, there’s probably going to be water shot at those flames. And, it takes a LOT of water to shut down a fire. So now, you’re stuck with a wet house instead of a burning one. (Yes...that’s a good thing!) But, you cannot just let the water sit there. Then you might have mold damage on your hands as well. And that’s just too much damage for one incident. Luckily, a restoration company can take care of this for you as well! Professionals will work quickly and efficiently with all of the right tools to make your house look like normal!

Health Risks.

If you are inside the home with the flames are roaring, there’s a good chance you’re going to get some smoke in your lungs. Smoke inhalation can cause burning of the throat, possible chemicals, and maybe even respiratory issues. It all depends on how much smoke, how long, etc. Smoke will rise so try to stay on the ground if possible. If you are ever in any sort of burning building, make sure you get low to the ground and get out as quickly as possible.

Lucky for you, we can help you with both! We offer restoration services for water damage and fire damage and are ready to take your calls! Contact us today for a free water damage or fire damage estimate!

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The team that was sent to our house was wonderful. Their experience and professionalism in our situation was outstanding. I was concerned about our children and they took every precaution (air purifier, microbial spray) to keep them safe. Not only did they have good work ethics, they were personable and caring as well.

Angela and Scott S.